Willow Class Skype refugee aid workers

Last week Mr Hutton’s Willow Class looked in depth at the refugee crisis and spoke via Skype to Selina Larsen of the refugee council and ‘Saki’ a lady from Sri Lanka who fled because of life threatening circumstances surrounding the civil war there. Saki was placed in a detention centre where other detainees were tortured, she bribed her way out and fled to the UK on a student visa and now works for the refugee council providing training in education, training and employment for those in similar situations.

Earlier in the week they spoke to Josh Thorn of Inspire Worldwide via skype. Josh provides first aid support to refugees in Calais and Dunkirk with the charity FAST .  FAST (First Aid Supplies Team) is a friendly collective of UK, Belgium & The Netherlands based health professionals & support staff who provide healthcare advice across Calais to refugees. Many people very kindly donate clothing and food to the refugee crisis however first aid supplies are in short supply. Refugees often do not go to hospital due to overcrowding and the risk of deportation back to the country and atrocities they have fled.

Beech Lodge is supporting the work of FAST and is encouraging all members of our school community to donate much needed healthcare items to the charity. A full list of much needed supplies can be found here

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