Who could benefit from our approach


We believe that our approach is of benefit to all children and many of our children could attend mainstream schools. However the individually tailored, flexible approach at Beech Lodge School enables children to thrive rather than just survive at school. We offer an empathic and good humoured environment for children to truly flourish.

We accept children who would benefit from a high teacher/pupil ratio and small class sizes. They may require specialist teaching for specific learning difficulties, as well as access to therapeutic interventions such as Speech and Language, Occupational and Play Therapy.

These may be children who have restricted coping skills and low self esteem due to a range of difficulties including:

• Emotional and social difficulties
• Specific learning difficulties
• Developmental trauma
• Sensory processing issues
• Executive functioning difficulties
• School phobia / bullying
• Missed opportunities at school

We fondly refer to a typical Beech Lodge child as a 'sparky square peg' in the round hole of mainstream education. We are proud to give our children the 'empathic square hole' in which to truly fit.



Please note: Due to the nature of our school day, size and staffing levels, we are unable to cater for children who require constant individual supervision or children with very aggressive, violent or sexualised behaviour.