Inspection reports


Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Integrated Inspection Report February 2020

A team of 4 Inspectors from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visited Beech Lodge School from 11th to13th February to carry out a Regulatory Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection. The report is available to read here

The Compliance Inspection seeks to provide a judgement as to whether an independent school meets or does not the standards in the Education Regulations 2014. We are delighted that we successfully met all the standards; subsequently no further action is required as a result of this inspection.

The Education Quality Inspection reports on the quality of the school’s work and focuses on two key outcomes:
• The quality of the pupils’ academic and other achievements – judged as Good
• The quality of the pupils’ personal development – judged as Excellent

Highlights include:
• “Pupils make excellent progress in developing positive attitudes to learning”
• “Pupils have an excellent understanding of what is important in life”
• “Pupils’ behaviour is excellent, and a calm atmosphere pervades the school”
• “Modelling of how to do things by staff is excellent
• “Pupils exhibit excellent levels of tolerance and they are accepting of each other”
• “Staff have an excellent understanding of their needs”
• “excellent quality of pastoral care” • “

The inspection report also noted that “Parents reported very favourably on the changes of their children after being in the school for a short time commenting that the school has been transformational on their children’s mental health and confidence causing anxiety levels to drop and resilience to grow”.

Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Compliance Inspection 2017

The report of the ISI Compliance Inspection that took place on 29-30 March 2019 is available here.


Ofsted Inspection 2014

The report of the Ofsted Inspection that took place on 29-31 January 2014 is available here

This was our first inspection and we were judged ‘Good’ in all areas. Following this inspection, we joined the Independent Schools Association and so are subsequently inspected by the ISI.

Overview of inspections

Independent Schools that fall within the remit of the ISI are normally inspected at an interval of three to six years. There are two types of inspection:

  • Educational quality inspections – report on the two main outcomes for pupils: achievement and personal development. Reporting is with reference to contributory factors such as the curriculum, teaching and pastoral care.
  • Regulatory compliance inspections – report on a school’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations.


School Development Plan

To read a copy of the Key Points in our School Development Plan click here