Fees – Academic Year 2017 – 2018

All of our pupils require an educational experience that is ‘different from and additional to’ that offered in a mainstream setting. We provide an individual child-centred learning experience which is reflected in a range of levels of support outlined below.

The exact nature of the support given to the child will be decided:

  • as a result of the initial screening during the assessment process and visit to the school
  • as a result of a one term’s assessment place if appropriate (see below)
  • as a result of monitoring and evaluation during the course of each year

Fees vary according to each pupils individual requirements and the level of support will be reviewed annually. This will be done formally through the Annual Review Process in the case of children who are subject to an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) / Statement of SEN and through the school’s monitoring and reporting process for all other children.

The social & emotional development of all pupils is continually monitored, reviewed and supported using our Fagus educational resource by relevant staff and psychology team. For more information on Fagus click here


Basic Fees

Lower School (Yrs 3-5) £5025.00 per term
Middle School (Yrs 6-8) £6621.00 per term
Upper School (Yr 9 onwards) £7125.00 per term
Transition Hub* £7216.00 per term

*Transition Hub fees are in addition to basic fees

Fees include all text books, stationery and educational outings but exclude public examinations, extra-curricular activities, residential trips, before & after school care and additional educational support as outlined below.

All children will have a mandatory MAP (Making Action Plans) session in the year of their 14th birthday.

Local Authority Funding

The majority of our pupils have an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP) and are placed and funded by their Local Education Authorities including Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, Bracknell, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Reading, Southwark, Slough and Wokingham. Please enquire with your LEA if your child may be eligible for a funded place.

If you are considering applying for an Education Health & Care Plan for your child to aid admission to Beech Lodge and need help and advice we recommend that you contact our independent SEN consultant Helen Gifford here who will be able to help guide you through the process.

In respect of pupils funded by an LEA, the difference, if any, between the LA funding and the stated fee including extras will be payable by the parents.

Discounts and Bursaries

When two or more children from the same family have full-time self-funded places at the school, the second and subsequent children receive a five percent discount.

Discounts on fees may be available for self-funding families dependent on individual circumstances.

We offer one Bursary place per year – please contact the school office on 01628 879384 if you would like to receive information about our Bursary scheme


Additional Educational Support

Specialist Support Teacher (1:1 lessons) – 1 session per week (45 mins)

Dyslexia/Literacy £480 per term
Dyscalculia/Numeracy £480 per term
Educational Advancement* £625 per term
*incl additional subjects

Speech & Language Therapy

1 individual session per week (50 mins) £924 per term
Weekly group Social Communication Session (SCS)* £294 per term
*3 pupils per group

Occupational Therapy

1 individual session per week (50 mins) £924 per term
Weekly group OT sessions* may include handwriting & touch typing £294 per term
*3 pupils per group

Play Therapy

1 individual session per week (50 mins) £590 per term

The Annex Project

Play, Filial, DDP / Attachment Therapy By appointment


Music Therapy By appointment
Assessments, EHCP work and Annual Review £265 each
Educational Psychology Report £660
Occupational Therapy  Report £525
Speech & Language Therapy Report £525
MAP (Making Action Plans) session £680
Visual Perception (Irlen Syndrome) screening £220


Packages priced individually From £115 per day


Assessment Places

Following the initial visit and once we have agreed a place for a child at the school, the pupil’s first term at Beech Lodge may be offered as an Assessment Place during which time formal assessments and reports will be compiled where appropriate. These may include Occupational Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Educational Psychology. Fees and associated costs for Assessment Places will be determined at the time of acceptance.

Transition Support

Additional costs are chargeable for Specialist TA transition support for the period of a child’s transition to the school where deemed necessary.

Educational Psychology

Additional costs are chargeable for Educational Psychology services supporting a request for Statutory Assessment.

Fees and Charges

Fees and charges are notified by invoice at the end of each term. Payment is due on or before the first day of the succeeding term. An administration charge is levied for late payment.

Parents must give a full term’s notice in writing to the Head before withdrawing a pupil from the School or from a chargeable extra item, otherwise a term’s fees will be payable in lieu of such notice.

Registration Fee £50

This is a non-returnable Registration Fee and is payable when the Registration Form is sent to the school. Its acceptance records that the name of the child is on the Entry List but does not constitute an offer of a place at the School.

Acceptance Deposit £500

This deposit is payable when the Acceptance Form is returned to the School and is refundable against the Leaver’s Statement. The deposit is forfeit when the accepted place is not taken up.

Company Registration

Beech Lodge School is registered with the Department for Education as an Independent School: registration number 868/6021.

We are a not for profit organisation with charitable status: charity registration number 1151323.

Beech Lodge School Limited is registered in England and Wales: registered number 08168311, registered office Sorbon, Aylesbury End, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1LW.