Sale of the Century!

The eagerly anticipated grand opening of our Apprenticeshop took place on Friday 5th Nov, and crowds of Maidenhead shoppers were chomping at the bit to come and buy.

The students finally got their chance to deal with the general public and practice some of their skills– Leo and Harry giving service with a smile on the till, Emily beautifully wrapping their purchases, and William and Jude safely delivering items to customers’ cars.

There were plenty of Beech Lodge staff there too, including Mrs Radford who took to the role of bouncer like a duck to water, and even a mum who was drafted in whilst walking by (thanks Caro!).

Well done to all for a busy and successful shift– they raised over £2,500 in two hours for charity!

The shop will next be open on Wednesday 10th November.

Beech Lodge School