Class Information

Beech Lodge School caters for pupils with a variety of strengths and difficulties and different learning styles. We employ different teaching methods in each class depending on the particular cohort which may be different year on year.

Each class has their own unique characteristics....


Oak Class

This class includoak-leafes pupils who will follow a GCSE pathway that allows three years across KS 4. Pupils have had inconsistent educational and social experiences. Their approach to learning reflects this. They are currently working somewhat below national expectations for pupils their age. The class has a focus on frequent practice of key English and Maths skills to allow future development of more complex skills and knowledge. Opportunities are created to enable the pupils to develop confidence to express themselves fluently within the curriculum both in the written and spoken word.
The ratio of adults to pupils is typically two adults to six pupils.


Hazel Class

The pupils in this class have had inconsistent educational experiences, often linked to significant emotional and health needs. These pupils are likely to follow a vocational path in the futurhazel-leafe and there is currently an emphasis on developing key academic and social skills to ensure they are ready for this route. Curriculum planning and time allocation places greater emphasis on core curriculum subjects. Teaching is delivered with both academic and pastoral needs in mind. The ratio of adults to pupils is typically three adults to seven pupils.



Willow Class

willow-leafPupils need social, emotional and academic support in this class to enable them to engage with lessons. Their prior experiences of school have been fractured and variable. This is a mixed ability class requiring teachers to adopt a range of differentiation. This includes a flexible approach to where teaching might take place, adjustment for pupils’ sensory needs and support to maintain their regulation. The ratio in this class is typically two adults to eight pupils.


Beech Classbeech-leaf

This mixed ability class has a flexible approach to teaching. Planning ensures there is significant support for pupils’ emotional regulation as well as in relation to their academic needs. Teaching emphasises the acquisition of early numeracy and literacy skills as well as enabling pupils to become comfortable with classroom learning. The ratio in this class is typically two adults to four pupils with some activities having a ratio of three adults to five pupils.