George wins Blue Cross poster award!

During lockdown our Claremont pupil George entered the Blue Cross Charity’s Britain’s Most Heroic Tails competition and has been selected as one of their top five winners. Congratulations George!

In a letter from the Blue Cross Team they said “The judges thought that George’s drawing of Ollie was absolutely paw-some, and the storyline he wrote to go with it was very creative”. As a prize for winning, Blue Cross will be asking a professional illustrator to bring George’s ‘Ollie Mitchell Wonderdog’ to life by creating a real life version of the poster.

This is George’s entry:


My dog is a Wonder Dog because we adopted him from a special place called Woofability. My Wonder Dog is called Ollie and he is special because he is cute, charming, funny, loving and he listens to everything that we say. I love him so much because he is adopted like me and when I saw him for the first time we bonded and I wanted him so much.
He saves me every day by giving me love. When I am feeling cross and sad, Ollie licks me and that cheers me up. He rolls over when I come near him so that I can scratch him. When I scratch him it makes me feel lovely. I am very special and I have special skills that not everyone has. My dog Ollie came from Woofability which trains dogs to look after special children like me.
He is a very good guard dog because whenever someone rings the bell, Ollie woofs. He is always protecting us. Without Ollie, our life would be miserable. This is why he is my Wonder Dog!

Beech Lodge School