Gareth Marr

It is with tremendous sadness that I have to announce the very sad passing of our dear friend and Advisory Board member Gareth Marr.

Many of you who know the school will be aware Gareth suffered with throat cancer for many years. He was recently diagnosed with another tumour which made it impossible for him to speak and very sadly the cancer spread to his brain. He died peacefully at the Marsden Hospital at 6pm on Friday 27th May.

Despite not having the ability to verbally communicate efficiently, Gareth had a very loud voice within the adoption community and particularly on his favourite medium Twitter. He campaigned hard around the country for the educational needs of adopted children to be recognised alongside children in care by Local Authority Virtual Schools. This successful campaign was recognised in this year’s Queen’s Speech where she outlined measures in the new Children and Social Work Bill. Now, thanks in a large part to Gareth’s campaigning, there will be a legal duty on local authorities and schools to promote educational achievement for adopted children and those in the long-term care of family members or guardians.

We have decided that with our school expansion we will be naming a building after Gareth in his memory and in recognition of the remarkable work he did for vulnerable children and young people in the UK.

Gareth leaves behind a wife Jane, a daughter and adopted son Morgan. He will also be remembered for his debonair dress sense, passion for Jazz and very cool hats!


Beech Lodge School