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Fostering Attachment awareness to Generate Understanding in Schools

Noun: Latin fāgus ‎(“beech”) The Tree of Learning

“Teachers who know more about child development are more sensitive in their interactions with children”
(p.158 Bergin & Bergin 2009)

FAGUS is Beech Lodge School’s unique and invaluable educational resource providing schools with the tools to monitor and develop pupils’ emotional and social progress. Principally targeted for use with pupils with Attachment and Trauma Related Difficulties

Phase 1 of the FAGUS project is nearing completion. We have worked with the Psychology Department at Royal Holloway College University of London to ensure that the information contained is up to date, relevant and accurate.

FAGUS is being used in a DfE funded pilot project currently taking place in collaboration with PAC-UK post adoption charity in schools in the North of England. We anticipate another pilot project in 2016 before making FAGUS available to schools throughout the country.


A framework to help set, monitor and review pupil goals in areas of development that fall outside the academic curriculum.

  1. FAGUS improves knowledge and understanding in school relating to children’s emotional and social development.
    • The FAGUS materials are a resource for professional staff which describe typical development between birth and 19 years in a number of emotional and social domains:

presentation tree 1

  1. FAGUS enables staff to apply this understanding to set developmentally appropriate goals for pupils.
    • The FAGUS materials can be used to establish a child’s current level of  development within an emotional/social domain. They allow us to determine whether a child is behaving in a way which is typical of their chronological age.
    • Staff can identify the next step forward in a child’s development and set an appropriate goal.
  1. FAGUS provides a method to monitor and measure attainment of these goals.
    • A scale is used to consider whether the goal has been achieved, not achieved or exceeded


For more information about FAGUS or to be added to our FAGUS mailing list please email Becci (rbest@beechlodgeschool.co.uk).