Billy and Liam’s Fundraiser raises over £2000!

Hearty congratulations to our fantastic pupils Billy and Liam who raised over £2,000 by cycling 30km from Liam’s home to school to raise funds for Friends of SPICE – (Special People on Ice). SPICE is a charity that help young people with additional needs to participate in ice related activities.

The boys who have spent lockdown attending school together were given a challenge by their class teacher Mr Hutton to come up with an idea for raising money and they came up with the idea of cycling to school one day. Liam is a member of the Spice Jets Ice Hockey Team which has had a big impact on his life, and Billy, being the good mate that he is, decided to help him raise money for his much-valued team.

They achieved their magnificent feat on Tuesday 16th June and arrived at school to massive cheers and applause from pupils and staff who lined the driveway – socially distancing of course!

Well done boys!



Beech Lodge School