Beech Lodge and Touchbase team up!


 We are very excited to announce that Touchbase and Beech Lodge School are now working together in partnership across their respective sites.

This exceptional collaboration will enable us to design and deliver an unrivalled and truly inclusive educational therapeutic provision at Beech Lodge with the broader ambition to develop a robust model which sets the standard in relationship-based and trauma-responsive practice in schools.

A team from Touchbase will be based at the school and will provide a range of therapeutic interventions for pupils and their families including staff training and support as well as widening their service to the local community.

Both our organisations currently work with and on behalf of vulnerable children and young people who require our support and advocacy to help them to thrive and become the best they can be, despite what they have lived to date and despite any social, emotional and learning challenges they might have. We believe this partnership is a true “meeting of minds”, and we look forward to developing our shared vision, ensuring that every child receives the education and care they need to flourish.

We want to see all children, young people and their carers functioning well in life and having the capacity to relate well. By working together, we have a more significant opportunity to speak into and influence the education sector by the demonstration of this joined up approach. We are keen to see child development, attachment and neuroscience better understood and integrated at every level of policy and practice. We also hope that our partnership will demonstrate practically how the ethical responsibility we all have within schools can be realised, to get alongside children and young people, whatever their starting point, social, emotional and mental health needs.


Louise Michelle Bombèr – on behalf of Touchbase

Daniela Shanly – on behalf of Beech Lodge School


11th May 2022

Beech Lodge School