Announcing the Beech Lodge Big Build Project!

under-constructionWe are delighted to announce that we are launching our Beech Lodge School Big Build Project!

Over the coming year we will be posting photos, designs and videos of the Beech Lodge Big Build as we create our new school at Stubbings near Maidenhead.

Pupil Voice

It is all very well us grown ups having our fancy ideas on how a school should look and feel but we want our pupils to have a say and take an important role in designing our new school.

So we are encouraging our pupils to produce designs and come up with ideas of genuine high quality to be incorporated into the new buildings as a project we are calling The Beech Lodge Big Build.


plans-2Real World Learning

Phase 1
Design and specification

The Big Build Brief

We have given each pupil house a brief to design a particular area of the school;

Blossom       Outdoor Activities
Cherry          Chill-out and recreation rooms
Clover           Food Tech and School Shop
Honey          Hall, Dance and Music areas


In teams they will design and specify items for each area and give a presentation to a panel of professionals from the world of architecture, interior design, building and education in March next year.

Pupils will be encouraged to research their ideas, ask questions, explore and discover.

They will be encouraged to do multiple drafts with input from teachers and peers to help them reach new heights.

Our pupils will be encouraged to create a meaningful end product with real world value.

The panel will challenge them on their ideas and they will have to justify why their designs should be used.


Phase 2

 The Big Build

Once their designs have been approved by the panel our pupils will play an active role in bringing their ideas to life.

All pupils from age 7 to 17 will be meeting and working alongside builders, interior designers and contractors and will experience first hand what jobs are involved and what goes into every stage of the design and build process.


So, let’s don our high vis jackets and hard hats, sharpen our pencils and let the Big Build Project commence……!


Beech Lodge School