Rory O’Connor

Teaching Assistant

What I love about my job: You never know what to expect each day. I used to work in a sales office, which was a very different story!
I love it when the pupils achieve something they never thought they could do and see them grin from ear to ear. I love working with so many positive people at Beech Lodge, there are smiles and laughs every day.

Who or what inspires me: I am inspired by my family who have always been there and helped me get to where I am today.
Every day I am inspired by the compassion and kindness I see around me. I believe that by being open and aware of the genuine goodness of humanity, we are better able to recognise that goodness around us.

Little known fact about me:  I was born 7 weeks premature weighing less than 3 pounds. Now look at me…..


Rory O'Connor SMALL