Peter ‘Roots’ Titus

Pastoral Lead 

What I love about my job:
Supporting young people to believe in themselves and remind them that they matter, and that they have a positive role to play in society no matter what.

Who or what inspires me:
My Dad: He was a hard working and fun loving man, who was loved by everyone. He moved here from Jamaica in the 50's and was not welcomed by all, even more so he married an Irish woman, so they faced many challenges along the way, despite this he remained humble and thankful, he treated everyone the same and always made time for them. One of the most generous people I have ever known, I wish he was still here .......

Little known fact about me:
I am a massive vinyl collector (records not the flooring!) I'm the proud owner of hundreds of them. I am also part of a Reggae soundsystem who play 70's and 80's roots Reggae. We have played at many festivals and clubs in Europe and the UK. We even have some loyal fans who come to every gig!

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