Jenny Marshall BA (Hons), QTS

Class Teacher

What I enjoy about my job

I love trying to figure out different ways of helping children learn. If they don’t understand something, then it’s up to me to help make it happen. I love the way children look at the world in their own unique way. We can learn so much from them. I consider it a privilege to work at Beech Lodge School because everyone has the time and ‘elbow room’ to explore all avenues of learning. A teacher’s dream school!

Who or what inspires me

Everything and everyone inspires me – sunsets, sunrises, spring flowers, the warmth of the sun, peoples’ thoughts, ideas, viewpoints, actions, beliefs, humour – young and old. I never stop wanting to learn and wonder and know.

Little known fact about me

As a child, all I ever wanted to be was an astronaut but I get dizzy just going on a rollercoaster so I didn’t think I would be very good orbiting the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour!

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