The Pupils’ Views of Beech Lodge School

Last week we asked the children why they thought their parents might have wanted them to come to Beech Lodge School.

These were their responses;

  • It’s different, fun and there are more practical activities
  • Its more adventurous
  • Its educational but more practical learning
  • The work is easier
  • There is more time to think for the children
  • The children and the staff are friendly
  • There is work experience to do with an adult coming along with me to help if I need it


We asked the children what they thought about the school, these were there responses:

  • I don’t feel under so much pressure
  • The work is easier and there aren’t as many tests
  • It is friendly and more relaxed
  • It is close to my home. I had to go to a school before that was so far from my home that I had to stay there. I hated it.
  • The teachers don’t rush you and you can take your time
  • We go on good trips
  • The teachers are nicer to you and don’t yell at you if you don’t know an answer
  • If you’re scared or something they don’t say’ “Deal with it!”. They help you to know what to do about it.
  • The teachers give you work that is hard but you can do it.
  • I’ve got a lot more friends here.
  • I like being with my friends here.
  • I wake up and think,” What am I going to be doing at school today?”
  • The teachers explain things clearly
  • There are fun lessons so you’re not bored all the time
  • You’re not stuck at a desk all day, you go outside to learn
  • The teachers are fair

Sounds good to us!



Beech Lodge School