The 'Fagus Project'

I am delighted to announce that we have received funding to create a non-academic social & emotional curriculum together with a method of measuring social & emotional progress via a scaling system which we propose to implement alongside our academic curriculum at school from September 2014.

We have recruited Becci Best a 1st Class Hons Degree Psychology Graduate to research and compile the work under the supervision of our Educational Psychologist Alastair Lidster. They are a dynamic little team and we are very excited at the prospect of having this framework in place to aid this aspect of the school’s provision. There is an incredible amount of work to do on the project and we will be having the results peer-reviewed prior to implementation.

The working title for the project is The Fagus Project (which does rather sound a bit Len Deighton, I have to admit!). Fagus is the genus of the Beech Tree (Fagus Sylvatica) it is also the acronym “Framework (measuring) Attainment of Goals Using Scaling” – well we tried to make it fit!


Beech Lodge School