The end of our first school year!

17th July was the last day of our first school year – well, first two terms to be precise! We have been overwhelmed by the positive response that the school has generated since January and are delighted that not only are we full to capacity for September, but have a burgeoning waiting list.

Most importantly, not only has the response to the school exceeded all of our expectations but so have our wonderful children. Now settled and happy in their new school environment we have seen academic achievements that no-one knew they were capable of, close and meaningful friendships develop and in all of them a growing sense of wellbeing and self esteem. They tell me every day how important Beech Lodge School is to them – one of them even insists we make it a boarding school!

There have been some very meaningful moments that have moved our staff to tears of laughter – far too many to mention – and to tears of sadness, when the children have shared with them stories of confusion and sheer unhappiness at their previous schools. I am delighted to say that now the children are a happy bouncy and colourful lot capable of all kinds of great things and who can’t wait to see each other during the holidays!

I did hope we could report on our new school site before the end of term but for various reasons I am unable to do so as we are still in the throes of negotiations over a couple of sites which would give us much larger premises and a greater capacity for up to 60 children. We will keep you updated!

In closing I would like to thank our AMAZING and incredibly talented staff – Lucy Barnes our indefatigable genius Head, nurturing and lovely Rachel Cassidy, mentor and friend to all “Union” Jack Rider as well as Susan, Loulette, Alastair, Glyn, Nicki, Anne-Marie, Tricia, Alice, Rita and Ffion. Thank you also to all the wonderful parents who have put their trust and faith in us and to all the other people who have been involved in making Beech Lodge the special place it is today!

Happy Holidays and here’s to September!

Daniela Shanly

Beech Lodge School