Transition Hub

Some of the pupils joining us from January 2018 onwards will begin their journey at Beech Lodge in our Transition Hub on bespoke programmes in order for us to truly assess and establish what additional support may be required and to prepare them for inclusion into the main school.

Many children who arrive at Beech Lodge have had profoundly negative experiences of school. They may have been excluded, bullied, have school phobia or been home-educated. Compounded by significant early life trauma and social and emotional difficulties, these children may not be ready to integrate into the busy flow of established classes and need re-introduction into the school environment with care, empathy and understanding.

For some pupils this may be a short transition, maybe a half- term, for others much longer e.g. 4 terms as in a traditional nurture group. Pupils transition in and out throughout the year, meaning that we are all working to the pupils’ readiness to transition, rather than at the beginning of a specific school year or term. This child-centred approach is better for the child to avoid additional stress and anxiety and ensures they are included into the main school without disrupting established classes enabling more positive relationships with their peers and staff.

The Transition Hub operates with a Key Stage 2 base and a Key Stage 3 base. (Years 3-6 and Years 7-10). There are approximately 4 pupils in each base at any one time. Facilities include classrooms, therapy rooms for play therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy and speech & language therapy as well as access to other therapeutic interventions such as dyadic developmental psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and family/filial therapy.