Fagus Launch 30th June!

We are delighted to announce that after nearly 3 years in the making, our magnificent Emotional & Social educational resource Fagus is being launched at an event at the BCA on 30th June between 5pm and 8pm.

Speakers include:

Daniela Shanly – Proprietor of Beech Lodge School about how and why they created Fagus

Alastair Lidster – Educational Psychologist and Co-author of Fagus on child development and the context of Fagus

Becci Best – Assistant Psychologist and co-author of Fagus on how Fagus can be implemented in schools.

Helen Hoban – of PAC-UK who co-ordinated a DfE funded pilot in schools in Yorkshire & Humberside using Fagus


Fagus will be available for schools to purchase for £660 plus an annual licence fee of £120, however orders received by 1st November will receive a 25% introductory discount including free annual licence!


For more information on Fagus click here


Beech Lodge School