Victoria Constanza

Class Teacher

What I love about my job: Everything! Unique moments, with individual pupils and staff where no day is the same and a wonderful team to look forward and optimise each day = happy times! I love seeing the smiles and development after moments where things could have seemed hopeless.

Who or what inspires me: My Nan and Gramps, God and Stephen Hawking. The beautiful world we have and opportunities, people who have risen like phoenixes from ashes inspire and remind me to make the most of every day.

Little known fact about me: I performed movement at the Albert Hall with a group of wonderful Down Syndrome individuals to Bohemian Rhapsody. I also skydived with a Rod Steward lookalike singing Maggie May on the way down. When I bungee jumped I was only meant to get my head dunked in the river, but went in too far and got dunked right to my ankles. I love adrenaline!

Victoria Costanza1