Shelley Hopper

Exams Officer / Pupil Support

What I love about my job:

One of the things I love most about my job is knowing that by working at Beech Lodge, I am helping our students to access an education that is suitable for their needs. Beech Lodge is an amazing facility that seeks to nurture and support students, and to help them achieve their best. The students are friendly and interesting, and the staff team is caring and sensitive. No two days at Beech Lodge are ever the same and there is never a chance of getting bored….there is always so much going on. Now tell me, who wouldn’t love all that?

Who or what inspires me:

I draw great inspiration from the natural world. I never cease to be amazed and inspired by the beauty and majesty of the outdoors….whether it be from looking at the dew on an intricate spider web, to a most splendid hilltop view. Early morning is my favourite part of the day, and I absolutely love the dawn. Almost every day I am outside walking my dog at this time and I find seeing the sky change colour and hearing the birds sing really motivating. It makes me think about how a new day is here, and that I get to start afresh, and that anything could be possible.

Little known fact about me:

I couldn’t choose one…so here’s my top 5.

1) I never wear matching socks,
2) I was diagnosed with severe dyslexia at the age of 23,
3) I like to hula-hoop while watching the TV,
4) I can recite the alphabet backwards,
5) My favourite sandwich filling is cheese and banana (honestly, it’s a yummy combination)!

Shelley Hopper1