Nicola Boughton-Smith

Learning Support Assistant

What I love about my job:

I love being around children and young people. They have great energy, they challenge our thinking, and we learn so much from them. Every day this work gives me new purpose, and working with the amazing team at Beech Lodge gives me a chance to give something back to these young people by contributing my own knowledge, skills and experience to their learning and growth.

Who or what inspires me:

These kids and their teachers, seriously! Activists who dedicate their lives to advancing a good cause, and anyone who is following their passions and who tries to make the world a better place, whether they are planting flowers for the bees, taking care of someone who is sick, creating art or music for us to enjoy, or simply spreading kindness and a smile.

Little known fact about me:

I was born in Hartlepool, Cleveland and until the age of about 10 had a strong North-Eastern accent. I've lived in three British Counties, six countries and across three continents. Needless to say, I love to travel but my favourite place to be now is my home in Pangbourne.

Nikki Boughton-Smith