Lizzie Connolly PGDip(Dist)

Speech & Language Therapist

What I enjoy about my job

Beech Lodge is a truly unique school to work in, both in terms of the beautiful physical environment and the very supportive culture that is at its core. I’m working with lovely colleagues and see students regularly, so get the chance to know them well. Having an opportunity to support them in navigating the subtle intricacies of language and social interaction, whilst challenging at times, is also a great pleasure.

Who or what inspires me

I love music. Classical, opera, modern, as well as all the stuff my parents loved (60s) and all the 80s classics I grew up with. Just the sound of a voice or a particular song can take me back to a particular memory or to somewhere far away. And there is nothing like singing in a group to feel connected and hopeful.

Little known fact about me

My Dad was Anglo Indian and this has given me a great love of India, which I have visited a number of times. My Grandma went to school in Agra with her dormitory overlooking the Taj Mahal !

I speak fluent French, ride horses and went to an all boys’ school growing up (I was one of only five girls in a school of over 400 boys).

Before training to be a Speech Therapist I worked in Marketing and PR and before that started my career at London Underground where I took on many roles including: Press Officer; New Business Manager and even Station Supervisor.

Lizzy Connolly