Karen Flower B.Ed.

Food Tech and Biology Teacher (visiting)

What I love about my job:
I have always been passionate about the subjects I teach. I love making a difference to the children's lives both academically and practically. I especially like encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Teaching both Food and Biology allows me to relay the importance of a good diet and show the effect that has on the human body. If only my husband would listen.

Who or what inspires me:
I was firstly inspired by my Food teacher Mrs Fitzgerald and later by Jamie Oliver and the changes he has made with school meals.

Little known fact about me:
I love multitasking, I am ambidextrous, bi-lingual and as well as being a teacher at this school I am a Mum to James who has been a student here for 4 years.

Karen Flower B.Ed.<br/>Food Tech and Biology Teacher (visiting)

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