Jo Garofalo

Performing Arts Teacher

What I enjoy about my job

Being part of, and witnessing, the positive impact that all of the Beech Lodge staff have on the children, a truly unique and special environment. Friday is by far my favourite day of the week as it is the one day I work at Beech Lodge. Alongside my company VIAM both offer me the opportunity to witness amazing moments with unique children with a multitude of talents who just need the opportunity to work with someone who can give them time to enable them to shine!

Who or what inspires me

The many wonderful teachers at Beech Lodge alongside the amazing senior leadership team, who work endlessly to ensure the children have the very best opportunity to succeed.

Little known fact about me

Teaching drama/ performing arts and singing – I guess people assume that I have experience …..many probably don’t know that during one year I performed The Time Warp more than 300 times whilst touring with the Rocky Horror Show for the 21st anniversary and luckily performing during that year for a season in the West End.

jo garofalo