Dan Gillespie BAHons, QTS, SPLD L5


What I love about my job: The opportunity to work with those who have found school so challenging for whatever reason is a privilege and arguably one of the most rewarding things that you could get from your day at work. I love the fact that all of our students are unique and that they teach me and all staff more and more about not only the environment around us but also ourselves as people on a daily basis.

Who or what inspires me: I am inspired by actions rather than people. Selfless and supportive acts and actions inspire me, people who take themselves out of their comfort zone and challenge what others believe to be impossible. I like to see people that are motivated and passionate about what they believe in whatever their field or interests.

An interesting fact about me: My wife and I have walked and Stand Up Paddle boarded the Thames from its source to Windsor to raise money for Wexham Park Hospital SCBU in 5 days.


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