Amanda Davey BSc, PGCE, Dyscalculia Level 7

Dyscalculia Specialist Teacher

What I enjoy about my job

I love having the opportunity to show students that maths doesn’t have to be scary and can even be fun! I understand what it’s like to struggle with maths at school so I enjoy the challenge of taking a complicated subject and working out how to break it down into fun, practical, achievable steps. There’s nothing better than seeing the smile of a student who knows they can finally do it!

Who or what inspires me

My dad. He was such a kind, thoughtful man, who spent years helping adult learners achieve their dreams as a senior counsellor for the Open University. His welcome speeches at the summer residential schools were legendary (as were his jokes!) and he always had time to calm someone’s nerves or reassure the first time learner that they really could do it. I hope I bring some of that into my teaching.

Little known fact about me

Several years ago I attended an adult’s beginner ballet class and even took part in one of their shows! At around the same time I took a course in brick-laying (long story). I can therefore say that I am officially a bricklaying ballerina!

Amanda Davey