Asha gets a taste of success at Starbucks

Big it up for Starbucks!

When pupil Asha turned up at Starbucks this afternoon to ask whether the baristas could make her unique recipe as part of a school project, she didn’t expect them to do it AND for it to be so delicious! She was thrilled! 

Asha had created a fantastic poster for Starbucks advertising her own recipe, A Mango Mix-Up and together with Ms Jones they went to see if it could come to life at Starbucks in Marlow. They met three lovely lady baristas and presented Asha’s work. They asked her a few questions about her poster and made it as close as they possibly could. It looked and tasted amazing – exactly as she imagined! After enjoying her new drink Asha asked the baristas how they had made it and they explained the whole process.

Asha’s Mango Mix Up Frappucino has a delicious blend of mango, strawberry, passionfruit and pineapple. She says “although it sounds like a smoothie it is still made with the same ingredients to make it a delicious frappucino”.

We think it should be  a regular on the Starbucks menu!

Well done Asha and thank you Starbucks!


Beech Lodge School